My Spring Break

Well it was alright the first day I just went fishing the next day I just sat around third i hang out with my friend in 9th grade and we just chilled at his house and went fishing that is about all I did but this thing has to be 200 words so i’m just going to blab my mouth basically because literally did nothing so I dont know what to say I guess it was stupid because I did nothing i wish could have went to DC it would have been fun because I love history and going on trips with friends and don’t get me started on all of those monuments and sights that would have been so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ya my break kinda sucked.

All Done

I have 8 post 8 comments it has been boring kind of on  some post but other than that its been fun so for now this is bow ty signing and GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wel im going to talk about fishing and hunting cause that´s what my family likes to do nature related. so lets start with fishing we bought are fishing boat 2012 for the last couple of years we usaully dont go fishing as mch as we used to when we first got it but we still use it quite a bit images this isn´t are boat it kinda looks like it tho. alright lets go to hunting. what my family hunts pheasants, ducks, rabbit, and squirrel thats about itdownload  images (1)imagesimages (1)


Joshua Livingston

Joshua Livingston

Borderlands 2 Why did I pick this. Because I like the game borderlands 2 because the story changes every time you pick a mission out of the multiple missions it changes is the story completely and there is multiple characters to pick from.They’re names are Axton as the commando, Mya as the siren, Salvador as the gunzeker , and Zero as a number.That is all I am going to say so go out and get borderlands 2 and start your own adventure. Also check out my you tube channel @ SavageGaming889 type it how it is I have more videos coming and don’t forget to get borderlands 1 and borderlands The pre -sequel. Also you will hate handsome Jack and Hyperion because basically try to kill you the game and the pre-sequel will be jacks side of the story. My favorite gun type is Hyperion  and bandit also maliwan but there are 9 types of guns.

Micheal Vick.

Why did I pick Micheal Vick was because he abused dogs yes I know that is really bad and cruel to do but that was a long time ago and people still criticize him saying that he is a dog abuser well he stop so back he is a really good quarterback he has played for lots of teams like the Atlanta Falcons,Philadelphia Eagles,New York Jets, and last but not least he is currently on the Pittsburgh steelers.He is a very good player mean he is old and all but look he has the steelers to 2 victories already out of the 2 times he has played this regular season. So back off .Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nuhcuwchwciuehcoiugceiycfeg7deivehviehveivhveidbvuijviuijuhuhuhguihugyuyfytugrohipvgurifhrgvuhrgyvuhrguf

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No I am not. During normal life I just fit in. What I mean by fitting in like Im not a dork or being stupid or any thing like that. Online is other way around. When Im gaming i make different voices and i talk lots of crap. Like my real name is Ty online my name is Taunkalunka2015.